AIP Challenge

AIP Challange(1)Do you need some inspiration on your AIP journey?

Join me on the AIP 4-Weeks-Challenge, starting today!

Let’s do this together for 4 weeks!

On the challenge, we will follow the AIP 4-Weeks-Meal-Plan, which you can download for FREE, from here.


Don’t forget to like My Wellness Workshop on Facebook, where I’ll share fun, short, instructional how-to-videos on how to make the meals from the Meal Plan, along the challenge!

If you are still wondering what to eat, come and check out my pics over at Instagram to get more “What do I Eat on AIP” inspiration:)

Excited you are joining in! Are you too?

Here I am posting a picture update of each day’s menus. If you would like to get the full 4 weeks menu plan, you can download the pdf version here.

Download the 4 Weeks AIP Menu Plan HERE!





Day13 Day14Day15Day16Day17Day18Day19Day20Day21













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