AIP 4-Weeks-Meal-Plan

AIP 4 Weeks Mealplan

Download the AIP 4-Weeks-Meal-Plan from HERE!

I have been following the Autoimmune approach of Paleo for quite a time now, with a lots of success. I decided that it is time to share this with you!

What is AIP?

It stands for Autoimmune Paleo. It is a dietary approach that focuses on healing the root cause behind autoimmune conditions.
If you have followed me so far, you know that I am all about finding and addressing the root causes of health conditions.
AIP is the dietary approach that I have been using with great success, to address my own autoimmune health condition, Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease.

Click here to get the AIP 4-Weeks-Meal-Plan!

Today, I would like to share a video that I recorded of my 4 weeks into the AIP journey!
Well, my journey into AIP is actually much longer than 4 weeks, but this is the part that I recorded before I overloaded the memory card of my camera:)

For 4 weeks, I decided to log and document Every.Single.Meal.I.Eat.

Why on Earth did I do that? Well, in the beginning when I started the AIP diet, I got totally overwhelmed.
I recognized that eating healing food that you need to make from scratch all the time, is really tough.
It is not that it is difficult to do, but it requires lots of time for planning ahead, and even more time for actually preparing meals.

I decided to track everything I do, so that later I could come up with patterns, survival strategies and guidelines for myself, to make my life easier.

AIP worked wonders to reverse my thyroid condition, but it left me trapped in my kitchen literally all day, every day, until I found a better solution. I was so determined to make this diet work for me on the practical level, since I knew and I felt how healing it was, when I could stick to it.
Finding the solution has started by documenting my meals, so that it is easier to just repeat what I have done before, taking the planning part of the work out of consideration.

By the end of the 4th week, the memory card of my camera was totally full, but my thyroid antibodies were gone!

If I could do this, you can do too!

(well, not the part of stuffing the memory card of your camera;)
But really, I want you to be able to just repeat what I did, and see how it works for you.
Go ahead now, watch the video that I have made of the photos of my 4 weeks journey, and download the 4 weeks AIP meal plan along with it.

Would you like to get this AIP 4-Weeks-Meal-Plan in a downloadable pdf format, along with detailed tables – showing exactly what I was eating for 4 weeks?

Get a sneak-peak into my AIP journey!

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Click here to get the AIP 4-Weeks-Meal-Plan!AIP MealPlan Download image

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