My AIP Sunday Cook-up

AIP Weekend Cookup MWWToday, I want to show you my AIP weekend cook-up.

AIP Batch Cooking

This is a batch cooking process that I usually devote part of my Sundays to, so that I can effectively produce the amount of real food from scratch that would last for an entire week on the AIP protocol.
When I started the AIP protocol, I found myself grounded in my kitchen, preparing food from scratch ALL THE TIME!
I had to come up with a more effective way of food preparation process, because there is life beyond food, isn’t it?

So this is how I started to prepare food in bigger batches, and I want to show you now, how a weekend batch cook-up looks like for me. I captured everything I did yesterday on my batch-cooking day, so here you are:

The process…

I start by washing and draining my veggies and greens.
Once they are dried, I put them in zip-lock bags so that they last fresh in the fridge for at least 4-5 days or even a week.
I usually fry some plantains, too. If you want to see how I did that, check out my other video about it (I will post it soon). I am going to post the video on my Facebook page, so follow me there to never miss a post:)

What else I do, is I clean some carrots, chop them and bake them. I do the same things with a bunch of parsnips, too.

Then, on the protein side, I makes some fish nuggets. Check out my other video about it how to make that. (coming soon)

I also make a decent batch of beef stew. In a separate video of mine, you will see, how I do that. Stay tuned for that, too.

And one of my favorites, is seared goose liver. This is really gourmet stuff, yet it is so easy to make! I love it; can not wait to show you how to make it!
Well, you can tell I love liver, I also make a batch of bacon wrapped chicken liver.
Not only I love this, but all my family members, too!

Home made salad bar – supply for an entire week

So to wrap everything up, this is what I have ready in my fridge to eat, for the entire upcoming week on the AIP protocol:

  • I have a bunch of green leafy veggies, all washed, stored and ready to eat.
  • I have some other veggies too, all cleaned, such as green onion greens, radishes, cucumbers… They are all stored in zip-lock containers so that they keep fresh in the fridge drawer. Use BPA-free zip locks if you can.
  • Then, I also have some additional veggies like carrots, kohlrabi and daikon radish that I can just grab and use for quick salads during the week.
  • Then I have those roasted carrots and parsnips as well as plantain chips.
  • For my weekly protein sources, I have my fish nuggets and bacon wrapped liver,
  • The beef stew and the goose liver, and sometimes I would roast a whole chicken on top of all these.
  • For snacks, I will have some fruits, like frozen strawberries or other kind of berries, which are great ingredients for quick smoothies, too.
  • and also a couple of avocados.

IMG_1814When I am ready, I summarize everything I have prepared for the week and stick it out on a note onto my fridge door. It is kind of like a salad-bar menu, where you have the ready-made ingredients and you just combine them together for a complete meal.

If you would like to get more sneak peaks into my way of following the Autoimmune protocol, don’t forget to sign up to my YouTube channel now! I am posting these videos first on my Facebook wall, so make sure you follow me there, too.


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