March 7, 2017

Work With Me

KatalinHi, My name is Katalin, and I am on a mission to help as many people as I can, to start feeling the love and joy that comes with good health!

I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Health Coach, currently living in Europe, Hungary, working internationally.

As a health coach, I help you feel and look better by balancing the underlying causes of your health problems, instead of just addressing and band-aiding the symptoms.

What is a Health Coach? And how can I help you achieve your health goals? Let me explain that to you in this video.

I would be happy to guide you through your health journey, so I created a Personalized Health Coaching Program to help you take charge of your own health and live the life you deserve – with joy, love, passion and vibrant health!


If you want to work with me and get a customized health plan to achieve your goals than I recommend my
Customized Health Coaching Plan – Monthly Consultation Package.

Fee: EUR 199 / month

Includes a complimentary, 30-minute review of history, comprehensive questionnaire and any previous lab testing before the jumpstart.

We meet twice on a monthly basis, with continued e-mail support. The duration of the Health Coaching program depends on your unique situation, ranging typically around 3-6 months. Of course we expect to see changes before that, but to reach your full health potential and balance, and to work on your own root causes, we need time and committment in the process. This is your journey back to balance and vital health and I am here to help you and hold your hand along the way!

The Monthly Consultation Package includes:

  • 50 Minute Skype Consultation
  • Customized Health Plan
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Report in document form based on previous lab testing
  • 25 Minute follow-up Consultation
  • 10% discount on recommended supplemetns purchases
  • E-mail support for the duration of the Coaching Program



Some of my clients just have some quick questions, they want to get addressed. If this is you, than you can jump on a call with me and I will do my best to answer your questions and help you accomplish your health goals. 

Here are the fees for my conference Skype calls. You can do these calls individually or as a group. Once on the call, the floor is yours to ask as many questions as you like in the time spot allotted.


EUR 75 for 50 minute session 

EUR 39 for 25 minute session 

I also do longer coaching plans to make sure you achieve your health goals. Email me for more information on these long-term coaching programs.